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Inspirational Wise Elders – Waunita


My sweet friend Waunita has been a neighbor for many years. I’ve given her various names over the years – I’ve called her my “Plantation Manager” because as a Master Gardener, she helped teach me about plants and flowers, helping me learn about taking care of things outside. Growing plants and flowers and making one’s yard beautiful is her passion. I also gave her the name ”Duco” once, because every neighborhood needs someone who “glues everybody together”.  I have seen her be THAT kind of person on many occasions. Waunita lost her beloved husband many years ago and she is a THREE TIME cancer survivor. As though that’s not inspiration enough….I asked her a  few of my favorite questions and here are her answers:

Q:  Looking back from where you are at age 80+, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned?

A:  ”Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Q:  If you could pass on one thing to those younger folks who follow – something that you wish you had learned or realized sooner – what would that be?  

A:  “You should not always insist on being right”.

Q:  What brings you happiness and joy & makes life worth living?

 A: “Seeing little kids happy, and seeing nice people getting along”.

Waunita has been such a great example for me- and she has taught me so many things, whether about soil, or plants, cleaning up after oneself, or finishing the job. As she says “If you don’t take the time to do it right the first time, how will you ever find time to do it over again”. Indeed! Waunita is another of my favorite Wise Elders and I am grateful for her sense of humor and her wisdom.

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